Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the quantity in my cart for a class show as “N/A”? 

Classes are considered a “Service” and will not display a physical quantity, whereas "Products" such as parts and gauges will display a physical quantity. As long as the item is in your cart, you have registered for it properly and are ready to check out.

How do I register for multiple classes?

To register for multiple courses, you’ll need to repeat the registration process multiple times. This is to ensure each student is registered separately, but allows you to purchase multiple registrations at once. These items will show up individually in your cart instead of grouped together with the quantity.

How do I continue shopping after I have added something to my cart?  

You may always resume or continue shopping from any place in the website by clicking the “Courses” in the title bar.  If you are at the Shopping Cart or Checkout page, and wish to continue shopping, click “Courses” to go back to the Class Selection Page. From there you will choose the class(es) you want to add and will continue through the registration process.  

If you have a question at any time during the registration, shopping or check-out process, please do not hesitate to contact us at 972-823-8800 or