Hardin & Associates Consulting continually strives to help our clients improve performance and maintain a competitive advantage. This effort is achieved by analyzing challenges and developing an innovative approach to each unique set of circumstances. Our technical expertise, creativity, and commitment to excellence guarantee that our clients will receive individual solutions tailored to fit their specific needs. Provided below is a menu of our business consulting services:


Backflow Prevention

HAC will review your organization’s existing backflow prevention and cross-connection control programs to assist in establishing a program that meets state and federal requirements and addresses your ability to implement all the required components of the program.  We will design an approach that addresses your organizational, managerial and financial issues that are pertinent to establishing a comprehensive and proactive program. Click to view our HAC Backflow Prevention / Cross-Connection guide.


TCEQ Regulatory Compliance for Water and Wastewater Systems

HAC understands that your water and wastewater infrastructure is a significant asset that preserves and protects the quality of water.  We use value added business practices and apply modern technology, such as computerized maintenance and operations, to enhance your system.


Planning, Zoning and Land Use Development

HAC will help your organization with land use planning, zoning and site plan review. We can work with you to create ordinances, policies and strategies to achieve a clearly defined development process, and implement standards that help maintain quality of development over time.  Click to view our HAC Planning and Land Use Development guide

We provide expertise in:

  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Zoning Ordinance Review and Update
  • Design Standards
  • Development Review Process
  • Master Plan Review and Update
  • Neighborhood Planning and Engagement
  • Platting and Subdivision Rules in accordance with Texas Local Government Code
  • Site Plan and Landscape Review


Ordinance Development and Review

HAC will work with you to create ordinances and amendments to achieve your organization’s regulatory and environmental goals.  We are experienced in ordinance writing and implementation, and understand that ordinance language must be clear and understandable by both staff and the customer. Ordinances must use well-defined terms and be enforceable for the organization. Below is a sample listing of areas where we can offer ordinance development expertise:

  • Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control
  • TCEQ Regulatory Compliance for Water and Wastewater Systems
  • Water Conservation
  • Water and Wastewater Rates
  • Plumbing
  • Design Standards
  • Zoning and Land Use
  • Ordinances addressing emerging trends and/or transitional areas
  • Program development
  • Platting and Subdivision
  • Code Enforcement


Asset Management

HAC can analyze existing infrastructure to help your team develop a useful life and replacement cost schedule for your investment.  We can help identify current values of your inventory and give you the information needed to make sound decisions on the life expectancy, risks, and levels of service of your assets in a planned phasing schedule to maximize financial resources.


Utility Rate Studies for Water and Wastewater

HAC understands the dynamics associated with water and wastewater rates, and the resulting political, social and budgetary impacts that a proposed change to the status quo can yield.  We can perform a comprehensive utility rate analyses for your organization and remain sensitive to the issues surrounding a study, while providing you with options, recommendations, and a communication plan.


Auditing Services

HAC has direct experience in utility audit services and can work with your organization to realize potential opportunities for rate savings and adjustments for water, wastewater (including unaccounted for water loss), electricity and gas. Our services include analysis of existing inventory and review of existing agreements with utility providers to determine the level of possible savings that can be realized by your organization.


Optimizing Organizational Effectiveness

HAC understands that people are your most important asset, and when your best and brightest succeed, it improves your organization’s long-term goals for success.  We can work with you to help set expectations, achieve outcomes, and measure success. Below is a sample listing of areas where we can offer expertise:

  • Employee Succession Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Managed Competition
  • Standard Operating Procedures Development
  • Third Party Evaluations
  • Knowledge Harvesting


Privatization Strategies

HAC has direct experience in privatization efforts and can work with your organization to meet the challenges of competiveness while focusing on delivering service and value on a consistent basis. Below is a sample listing of areas where we can offer expertise:

  • Managed Competition
  • Standard Operating Procedure Development and Review
  • Third Party Evaluations
  • Private/Public Partnerships
  • Subcontracting Services
  • Outsourcing Alternatives


Strategic Business Planning

HAC will work with your organization to create a Strategic Business Plan that is both visionary and direct in its framework. This will enable the organization’s leadership to make sound decisions, plan for future growth, and benchmark and measure success. We focus on aligning the organization’s goals and objectives and ensuring key performance measures are identified and tracked, thus facilitating the organization’s ability to successfully accomplish its goals.