Hardin & Associates Consulting LLC (HAC) is a multi-disciplinary firm dedicated to providing a full range of water, wastewater, environmental, and planning and land use services to local, state and federal governments as well as private businesses. Comprised of industry professionals, our staff has the technical knowledge and expertise to complete projects on time, within budget, and in a manner that exceeds expectations. Our leadership brings value to projects by analyzing them from a variety of perspectives and recommending customized solutions.

  • Backflow Prevention Program Development and Implementation

  • TCEQ Regulatory Compliance for Water and Wastewater Systems

  • Planning, Zoning and Land Use Development

  • Ordinance Development and Review

  • Asset Management

  • Utility Rate Studies for Water and Wastewater

  • Auditing Services

  • Optimizing Organizational Effectiveness

  • Privatization Strategies

  • Strategic Business Planning

  • Water Use Surveys

  • Customer Service Inspections (CSI)

  • Water Quality Testing and Sampling

  • Water Leak Audit Detection

  • Drought Management Compliance

  • Code Enforcement

  • Public Health Nuisances

  • Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control

  • Credit courses for Water and Wastewater Operators

  • Landscape Irrigation

  • TDLR approved courses for Code Enforcement Officers

  • TSBPE approved continuing professional education for Plumbers

  • OSHA and Safety courses

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